Hello! My name is Jai, and I’ve been trading Forex exclusively since my university days back in 2008.

I was first introduced to Forex trading during a 3-day seminar held by an ex-bank trader for $3k.

At the end of the seminar, he taught our group to trade with a combination of moving average crossovers, RSI, and Fibonacci retracements.

Not knowing any better, I blindly followed his method and – not surprisingly – ended up losing money.

Convinced that I just needed to learn more, I registered for another two seminars (and spent a whole bunch of money), but the situation didn’t change. My losses remained stubbornly larger than my profits.

I figured that something was amiss, so I stopped going to seminars and started burying myself in trading books instead.

Over the next two years, I spent my weekends learning about all kinds of trading systems. I read everything I could about Forex trading methods, including trend trading systems, range trading systems, momentum trading, scalping, etc…

I then got into the habit of testing these trading systems and sharing my findings with my trader friends, and a few other people online.

Pretty soon, I started getting requests to test more trading systems… but the workload started to take a toll and I figured that I can’t keep doing this solo any more.

So I contacted a few of my trading buddies and floated the idea of this website. I figured that if we were interested in the results of our systems testing, then maybe there are others who are interested in them as well.

And so ForexSystemProfits.com was born.

If you’d like to get updates on the trading systems we’re testing, join our little trading community by clicking this link:

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Talk soon,
Jai Patel