How to add indicators to MT4 using Wine Bottler

As an Mac user, I use Wine Bottler to run my MT4 (MetaTrader 4) platform.

While there are other options to run MT4 on OS X (via Parallels software or VirtualBox), Wine Bottler is by far my favourite option.

However, it’s not immediately clear how to add indicators to MT4 because the file structure in OS X is different from that in Windows.

So I spent some time exploring Wine Bottler, and finally found a way to do that.


Here’s how to add indicators to MT4 using Wine Bottler:

Step 1

Go to OS X Finder and press COMMAND+SHIFT+C

This will bring up your Macintosh HD (hard drive) folder.

Step 2

In the Macintosh HD folder, go into the following folders:

Users > [your-user-name] > Wine Files > drive_c > Program Files > [your-broker-folder]

For example, my broker is Oanda so I will go into this folder:

add indicators mt4 wine bottler

Step 3

Once in the broker folder, go into the MQL4 folder, then the Indicators folder

wine bottler mt4 indicator

This is the folder where you will place your custom MT4 indicator.

And voila!

Now simply re-open your MT4 platform and the indicator will be available for you to use!

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