Where is my investor password in MT4?

The MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform utilises two passwords: a master password and an investor password.

The master password is the one you use to login to the platform and trade with. For most intents and purposes, this is the MT4 password that most traders remember.

The investor password however is not commonly used so people tend to ignore and forget about it.

However, there may be some occasions where you’ll need to retrieve the investor password.


What’s the MT4 investor password used for?

In short, it provides access to the MT4 platform’s detailed trade data such as the price levels of trades opened and closed, the time at which trades are opened and closed, and the lot size used.

Importantly, the MT4 investor password does not provide control of the trader’s account — that’s what the master password is for. The investor password merely provides access to the trade details.

Imagine you’re an investor thinking about investing in a trader’s fund. The trader should then provide you with the MT4 investor password so you can have access to all the trade details to examine his trading performance, without having control of the account.

In the same way, the investor password is also used for trade analytics services such as myfxbook.

How to get your MT4 investor password

Upon registering a new demo or live account on your MT4 platform, you’ll immediately be presented with the investor password.

mt4 investor password

A copy of the investor password will also be sent to your MT4 mailbox, under the heading ‘Registration’.

To view it, open up your terminal window (Ctrl+T) and click the ‘Mailbox’ tab.

Then scroll all the way down to the earliest mail entry and click on the ‘Registration’ mail.

mt4 mailbox

A window will pop up with your investor password.

mt4 registration investor password

​How to reset your MT4 investor password

If you’re unable to access your investor password, you can simply reset it.

To do this, go to the top menu bar and click ‘Tools’, then ‘Options’.

In the popup window, go to the ‘Server’ tab and click on ‘Change’.

mt4 reset password

You will then see a window where you can reset the investor password.

Fill in your master password, and make sure the ‘Change investor (read-only) password’ radio button is checked (highlighted in red).

mt4 reset investor password

Then, simply fill in a new investor password twice to reset it.

Here’s a video tutorial of this process:

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